Robot Kit Bundle for Lab mechArm 270 Pi AI Kit 2023 Keyboard Mouse Display (A-27)

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    Robot Kit Bundle for Lab mechArm 270 Pi AI Kit 2023 is an ARM robot that is equipped with additional accessories (kit bundle). This robot kit is good for use as a learning medium for ARM robots and also Computer Vision (AI).

    This robot kit uses a Raspberry Pi as its main brain and also has a built-in Robot Operating System (ROS). This robot can also be programmed both visually using myBlocky and code using Python and C++.

    This robot has 6 degrees of freedom (DOF) with a maximum movement range of 270mm. Each movement can be programmed according to the user's wishes easily.

    Feature :

    Support Multiple Programming
    Has 4x USB Interface
    Support HDMI Display
    Built-in Robot Operating System (ROS)
    Has 6 Degrees of Freedom (DOF)
    Support Computer Vision
    And so on


    Power Supply : 8.4 ~ 14VDC
    SBC : Raspberry Pi 4B 1.5GHz 4-core
    Working Radius : 270mm
    Payload : 250g
    Degree of Freedom (DOF) : 6
    Repeatability : +- 0.5mm
    Maximum Joint Speed : 120°/s

    Sales Package:

    1x Robot mechArm 270 Pi
    1x LCD Display
    1x Keyboard
    1x Mouse
    4x Small Bin
    1x Big Bin
    2x Camera Stand
    1x Camera
    1x Accessories Pack
    1x Black and White Velcro
    1x Arm Base
    1x Suction Pump
    1x Suction Pump Connection Wire
    1x Image Cards & Wooden Blocks
    1x Acrylic Plate
    1x Textbook and tutorials for robotics

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