PuppyPi Hiwonder Quadruped Robot (A-47)

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    PuppyPi Hiwonder Quadruped Robot with AI Vision Powered by Raspberry Pi ROS Open Source Robot Dog
    PuppyPi Pro Kit

    Item Specification
    Product dimension 226*149*190 mm (length*width*height)
    Product weight 720g
    Body material aluminium alloy
    Camera resolution 480P
    DOF 8DOF
    Power supply 7.4V 2200mAh Lipo battery
    Hardware RaspberryPi 4B (8GB) and RaspberryPi expansion board
    Software PC software, iOS/ Android APP
    Servo HPS-0618SG coreless servo
    Control method PC, phone and handle control
    Package size(standard kit) 315*315*165mm (length*width*height)
    Package weight(standard kit) about 1.5kg
    Packing List 1* PuppyPi (with camera)
    1* 8.4V charger
    1 set* Balls and tags
    1* Spare coreless servo
    1* Card reader
    1* Screwdriver
    1* PS2 wireless handle (Advanced kit only)
    1* MP3 module (Advanced kit only)
    1* Glowing ultrasonic sensor (Advanced kit only)
    1* Dot matrix display (Advanced kit only)
    1* Touch sensor (Advanced kit only)
    3* 4PIN wire (Advanced kit only)
    1* Accessory bag (Advanced kit only)

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