Partial Discharge Analyzer (A-31)

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    Jawa Barat, Indonesia

    Partial Discharge Analyzer gdjf-2007

    ● 12inch LCD display, with portable design, rugged and durable, easy to use.
    ● Strong anti-interference ability, accurate. Using digital filtering technology, field interference can be effectively eliminated, and partial discharge measurement can be realized in a strong interference environment.
    ● Multi-channel data acquisition. One screen can display 2channels or 4channels waveform.
    ● Powerful software function. With PD measurement, analysis, PD repeated discharge times N measurement, analysis and anti-fixed interference, anti-dynamic interference. Free choice of ellipse, straight line and sinusoidal display mode. Measure and Observe discharge pulse by window, and test voltage and current, partial discharge can be measured at the same time. All test data of 2channels can be saved timely. Test waveform can be saved, re-displayed and analyzed. The gain range of each channel can be coarse adjusted and fine adjusted. Digital window-opening technology, to avoid the influence of interference on measurement. Phase window opening, single window and double window can be selected. Window can be opened freely within 360degree.
    ● Accorded with IEC60270 standard.

    ● Capacitance range: 6pF-250μF
    ● Sensitivity: 0.1pc
    ● Measurement channel: 2 or 4pcs independent channels
    ● Sampling accuracy: 12Bit
    ● Sampling rate: Max. 100MHz per channel
    ● Measurement range: 0.1pc-10000nc.
    ● Dynamic range: >80db.
    ● Measurement frequency band: 10kHz-1MHz at 3db.
    ● Frequency range of test power: 50-400Hz.
    ● Programmable filter
    Low frequency: 10K, 20K, 40K, 80K;
    High frequency: 100K, 200K, 300K, 1000K.
    ● Environmental temperature: -15℃--50℃
    ● Relative humidity: ≤95% (20℃)
    ● Altitude: ≤3000m.
    ● Impact ability: 5000V at each input port and power terminal (positive, negative and AC)
    ● Power input: AC220V±10%, 45-65Hz, power <500W.
    ● Weight: about 15kg.
    ● Dimension: 58*36*32CM

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