Optical table (A-97)

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    ■ Large optical vibration isolation platform, the outer frame is made
    of high-quality medium carbon steel plate with strong rigidity, small
    deformation and good welding performance.
    ■ The vibration isolation layer uses a honeycomb structure material
    with low natural frequency and strong vibration isolation
    performance, which can well control the vibration response.
    ■ The panel adopts high-permeability stainless steel plate, which is
    practical, beautiful and wear-resistant after fine grinding.
    ■ Vibration isolation bracket adopts composite material, solid
    damping vibration isolation, stable and reliable structure, suitable
    for experimental places with good environmental vibration
    ■ Adjustable supporting part adopts wear-resistant screw rod and
    plane thrust ball bearing, easy and reliable when using
    ■ Flatness: <0.05mm / m2
    ■ Surface roughness: 0.8μm ~ 1.6μm
    ■ Natural frequency: 3Hz ~ 6Hz
    ■ Amplitude: <5μm

    Model : PT-01PT600x900
    Size(mm) : 600x900
    Thickness (mm)(C) : 50
    Mounting Hole Type (mm) : 25x25
    Aperture : M6
    Surface Flatness (mm) : 1.4
    Weight(kg) : 60

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