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    1 Set Manekin OSCE (18 item) :

    1. Rectal Touch Model - TSM-6702 : Spesifikasi :
    1. Prostate Palpation:
    • Normal prostate: chestnut shape, transverse diameter 4cm, vertical diameter 3cm,anteroposterior 2cm. A longitudinal superficial channel at the center of the back of corpus glandular prostate is central fissure of prostate
    • Benign prostatic hyperplasia: prostatoplasia I tumid prostate, egg size, flat back, shallowcentral fissure
    • Benign prostatic hyperplasia: prostatoplasia II. More tumid prostate, duck egg size, centralfissure disappeared.
    • Benign prostatic hyperplasia: prostatoplasia III. Most tumid prostate, hard, goose egg size,
    inferior end can not be reached
    2. Rectum Palpation:
    • Normal rectum
    • Rectal polyp.
    • The earlier period of rectum cancer: a hard knub can be touched
    • The later period of rectum cancer: a bigger knub can be touched, irregular shape,
    and much harder than earlier period. It’s the latest development of rectum cancer.

    2. Advanced Maternity Examination Model - TSM-4201 : Spesifikasi :
    1. Pregnant women upper torso, made of special silicon, life like skin texture, providing trainees
    with a realistic experience.
    2. By inflating air to adjust uterus size and adjustable embryoposition
    3. Standard skeleton structure, allows external pelvic measurement
    4. Adjustable fetal heart sounds at range of 60-200 beats/min,
    5. Stethoscope and speaker optional, volume is adjustable.
    6. Mammary care.
    7.Leopold’s 4-step Maneuver Training.
    8. Fetal heart monitoring

    3. Comprehensive Gynecological Examination Model - TSM-4102 : Spesifikasi :
    1. Palpation of normal and various abnormal uterus
    2. Bimanual examination, trimanual examination
    3. Vaginal speculum and vaginoscope examination
    4. Visual observation of normal and abnormalpathological changes5. IUD placement and extraction
    6. Observe diaphragm’s size and position
    7. Observe anatomical structure of uterus, ovary, fallopian tube, etc
    The components:
    Normal and abnormal cervix(11pcs)
    1. Normal cervix
    2. Contraceptive device placing and extracting cervix
    3. Tearing cervicitis
    4. Chronic cervicitis
    5. Acute cervicitis
    6. Cervicitis bothe cysts
    7. Trichomonad sex cervicitis
    8 . Cervical condyloma acuminatum
    9. Leukoplakia of cervix
    10. Cervical polyp
    11. Adenocarcinoma of the uterine cervix
    Normal and abnormal uterus and accessories (11 pcs)
    1. Normal uterus and attachments
    2. Contraceptive device placing and extraction uterus
    3. Uterus bend forward use balloon to adjust position
    4. Uterus bend backward(use balloon to adjust position
    5. Fibroid
    6. Tubo-ovarian cyst (right side)
    7. Hydrosalpinx (right side)
    8. Tuberculosis of fallopian tube (right side)
    9. Salpingitis (right side)
    10. Practice using contraceptive ring guide fork to place and extract contraceptive device
    11. Gravid uterus fifth month fetus
    + IUD Training Model I - TSM-4401 : Spesifikasi :
    1. Demonstrate coronal section of uterus
    2. Transparent cover allow observation of IUD placement process

    4. Breast Cancer Examination and Palpation Model - TSM-4301 : Spesifikasi :
    1. Obvious anatomical marks, realistic texture
    2.Demonstrate lesions including:
    -Hard texture, rough surface, can be considered astherioma
    -texture is relatively soft, flat surface, can be regarded asbenign tumors
    *Lymphatic metastasis: from armpit and neck,trainees cantouch hard texture lymph nodes:*Nipples changes: nipples are depressed, ulceration, bloodyliquid overflow
    *Skin changes: skin is depressed, orange-peel appearance, inflammatory breast cancer
    3. Clinical observation and diagnosis of breast cancer.

    5. Neonatal Endotracheal Intubation Model - TSM-1106 : Spesifikasi :
    1. New born male baby, realistic texture
    2. Practice intubation via oral cavity
    3. Chest movement for testifying correct intubation4. Basic CPR skill practice

    6. Multi-functional Intravenous Injection Arm - TSM-2103 : Spesifikasi :
    1. Adult arm, realistic blood vessels
    2. Include basilic vein, median cubital vein, median antebrachial vein, etc.
    3. Skin and vessel are replaceable
    4. Venipuncture• I.V. ,transfusion, blood sampling, etc.• Realistic feedback, blood backflow•
    Repeating practice on same spot
    5. Intramuscular injection: deltoid
    6. Hypodermic injection
    7. Intradermal injection
    8. Skin welt will form when fluid is properly injected. The welt is removed by withdrawing the
    9. Right/left hand optional

    7. Buttock Injection Model with Anatomical Structure - TSM-2305 : Spesifikasi
    1. Adult buttock, precise anatomical structure
    2. Left side hip muscles can be disassembled to demonstrate internal anatomical structure3. Gluteus maximus injection
    4. Gluteus medius, gluteus minimus

    8. Full Body CPR Training Manikin - TSM-1005-1 : Spesifikasi :
    1. Full body CPR manikin with LED light Monitor (built in printer)
    2. Airway status indication on monitor
    3. Automatic palpable carotid pulse when procedure is successful
    4. Ventilation through mouth to mouth or pocket mask, volume indicated onmonitor5. Chest rise as a confirmation of successful ventilation.
    6. Chest compression, pressing position and depth indicated on monitor
    7. Practice indication in comply with the latest AHA CPR & ECC Guideline
    8. Pupillary reflex for vital signs observation
    9. Three training modes: Free practice, AHA standard practice, Examination
    (system auto score in examination mode print out)
    10. Print out practice briefing, examination result

    9. Delivery Demonstration Model - TSM-4202 : Spesifikasi :
    1. Model consists of adult female hypogastrium, 2 fetus with placentas, very realistic shape.
    2. Standard full-term fetus, flexible joints, demonstration of various fetal positions
    3. Demonstrate complete childbirth process: engagement, descending, flexion, internal rotation, delivery
    4.Abdominal skin is removable, equipped with extra transparent abdominal skin for visual
    5. Perineum is soft and elastic, suitable for midwifery practice.
    6. Demonstrate twins (male& female) delivery.
    7. Leopold’s4-steps maneuver
    8. Delivery mechanism instruction
    9. Perineum cutting and suturing
    10. New born baby nursing

    10. Male Catheterization Model - TSM-2703-1 : Spesifikasi
    1. Real life size
    2. Realistic appearance and texture, urethral canal length is 18-20cm3. Male catheterization
    • Realistic resistance feedback during process
    •The “Urine” flows out after catheter successfully enters the bladder
    4. Bladder irrigation

    11. Female Catheterization Model - TSM-2704-1 : Spesifikasi
    1. Real life size, realistic texture
    2. Lifelike appearance
    3. Realistic appearance, urethral canal length 3-5cm4. Female catheterization
    • Realistic female urethra characteristic
    •“Urine” flow out after catheter successfully enter bladder
    5. Bladder irrigation

    12. Suturing Skin Pad with Stand - TSM-6203 : Spesifikasi :
    1. Clear skin layers and realistic skin tissue tension
    2. Practice cutting, suturing, knotting and taking out stitches
    3. Fixing stand for convenient practice

    13. Multi-functional Minor Operation Training Kit - TSM-6123 : Spesifikasi :
    1. Provide three types skin pad for excision of sebaceous gland cyst, excision of tumor and
    common skin lesions treatment
    2. Include common surgical operation instruments
    3.Simulating wound treatment
    + Sebaceous Cysts Resection Model - TSM-6501 : Spesifikasi :
    1. Each skin pad contains two integrate cyst
    2. Sebaceous cysts resection operation and postoperative care
    + Lipoma Resection Model - TSM-6502 : Spesifikasi :
    1. Each skin pad contains two integrate cysts
    2. Lipoma resection operation and postoperative care
    + Skin Pathology Treatment Model - TSM-6602 : Spesifikasi :
    1. Each module include three pathologies: skin tags, skin mole and seborrheic keratosis
    2. Practice skin tags resection , skin mole resection and seborrheic keratosis curettage
    3. Realistic texture

    14. Full Functional Child Nursing Manikin - TSM-5402-1 : Spesifikasi :
    1. Pupil observation: normal and dilated pupil
    2. Child nursing skill: full body bandage exercise, bathing, changing clothes,
    eye and ear washing and administering, and oral cavity nursing
    3. Air way management, realistic and accurate anatomical structure for practicing
    intubation, sputum aspiration and oxygen therapy
    4. Oral and nasal feeding
    5. Gastric lavage
    6. Venipuncture, injection, transfusion (blood), realistic feedback with blood backflow
    7. Intramuscular injection in bilateral deltoid, bilateral vastus lateralis and bilateral buttock8. Enema and placement of rectal suppository
    9. Urethral catheterization, male/female exchangeable
    10. Holistic care: sponge bath, changing of clothes and cold/ hot therapy
    11. Flexible limbs for nursing movements
    12. Bathing and bandage
    13.Ostomy nursing of ileum, colon and bladder
    14. Tibia bone marrow puncture: simulate the process of bone marrow puncture,
    clear anatomical mark. Simulated bone marrow outflow after correct puncture

    15. Nasal Feeding & Gastric Lavage Model - TSM-2801 : Spesifikasi :
    1. Life like, clear anatomical structure, include: head, neck,chest, real size lungs and stomach2. Transparent abdominal wall, clear observation of internalorgans
    3. Oral/nasal cavity intubation
    4. Nasal feeding
    5. Gastric lavage: stomach capacity 500ml

    16. Male Genetalia Circumcission - TSM-2705-S : Spesifikasi :
    1. Circumcision Skin
    2. Complete kit for all circumcision training needs
    3. Includes 3 glans penis cores, 10 skin of circumcision instruments set, Suture thread with needle

    17. Advanced Airway Management Manikin - TSM-1101 : spesifikasi :
    1. Accurate anatomical structure, realistic feel to the skin, oral cavity, tongue, airway, glottis, larynx, vocal cords.
    2. Allow to simulate airway spasm
    3. Both lungs and stomach can be inflated fortestifying intubation position
    4. Sound alert when teeth receive excessive pressure from laryngoscope
    5. Comparison of normal pupil and dilated pupil
    6. Simulation of bilateral carotid artery pulse
    7. Simulation of swollen tongue or laryngospasm, increase the difficulty ofintubation, simulate difficult airway management training.
    8. Simulation of flatulence and vomiting, increase the difficulty of intubation
    9. Trainees can practice using various apparatus including endotracheal tubes, laryngeal masks, combination tubes.
    10. Using bronchoscope to practice the mouth or nose bronchus suction

    18. Subcutaneous Implantation Arm Model - TSM-4413 : Spesifikasi :
    1.Model is designed for training of subcutaneous embedding contraceptive (left acetylene progesterone silicon rods)
    2. Life like texture, the central of arm contains a foam plasticcylinder to simulate arm subcutaneous tissue, the skin and connected subcutaneous tissue cylinder can rotate along the
    3. Allowing to repeated operation, the skin and rods are replaceable

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