Advanced Microwave Integrated Circuit Lab (A-54)

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    Nvis 9008A

    • Complete setup with Generator, MIC
    • Components and Meter
    • Gold Plated Components and Connectors
    • Microwave Generator with internal AM and FM
    • PC to PC Data Communication
    • Antenna Radiation Pattern measurement
    • Directivity and Gain measurement
    • Online product tutorial
    MIC Components
    50V Microstrip Line
    Band Stop Filter
    Parallel line Directional Coupler (15 dB)
    Wilkinson Power Divider (3 dB)
    Branchline Directional Coupler (3 dB)
    Low Pass Filter
    Band Pass Filter
    Ring Resonator
    Rat-Race Hybrid Ring Coupler (3 dB)
    MIC Patch Antennas (2 Nos.)
    Yagi antenna
    Dipole Antenna
    MIC Amplifier Nvis 10
    RF Switch Nvis 10B
    RF Mixer Nvis 10C
    Local Oscillator Nvis 10A
    Measuring Line Nvis 10G
    Isolator Nvis 10E
    Circulor Nvis 10F
    This Training System Includes
    1. Nvis 104 Microwave Generator (2.2 - 3GHz)
    2. Nvis 1103 VSWR Meter
    3. MIC Components
    4. Learning Material CD
    5. Transmitting and Receiving mast
    Scope of Learning
    • PC to PC Data Communication using MIC components
    • Measurement of Transmission Loss and Reflection Loss
    • Measurement of substrate dielectric constant using Ring Resonator
    • Measurement of power division, isolation and return loss characteristics
    • Measurement of coupling, isolation and return loss characteristics
    • Measurement of coupling and directivity
    • Measurement of Low Pass Filter characteristics
    • Measurement of Band Pass Filter characteristics
    • Measurement of Band Stop Filter characteristics
    • Measurement of characteristics of Patch Antennas
    • Measurement of characteristics of an MIC Amplifier
    • To study RF switch
    • To study RF Mixer
    • Measurement of Guide wavelength, Free Space Wavelength and SWR using Measuring Line
    • Measurement of Directivity and Gain of Antennas : Yagi Antenna, Patch Antenna, Dipole Antenna
    • To study the characteristics of Isolator
    • To study the characteristics of Circulator
    • Matched Loads (5 Nos.)
    • Short
    • Coaxial Detector
    • Microstrip Directional Coupler (10 dB)
    • SMA to SMA Adapters (Both male & female)
    • SMA (male) connector fitted cables
    • Attenuator (3 dB)
    • +12V DC Adaptor
    • Transmitting and Receiving Mast
    • SMA (Male) to BNC (Female) adaptor
    • 3-pin Lunar cable

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